Male and Female Betta Fish Behavior

Adult male Betta fish are easily distinguished by their long fins, nearly two times to four times longer than their female counterparts.

Striking differences between the male betta will have, long colorful fins and beautiful and attractive. They will be more aggressive toward other betta fish and sometimes even with other species and this is why it is sometimes difficult to put it into a community tank, but it might just go online to look for possible community partners.


male betta fish


female betta fish


They tend to be brighter colors and deeper range as well. Men have their gill membranes under the covers, sometimes called the beard, which is displayed when open, but still visible when closed.

Male Betta fish bubble nest egg blow to home before breeding while women do not. Their beards, men of talent to intimidate each other, although women were sometimes aggressive displays similar behavior. Male territorial and will not tolerate the presence of other fish. They have been known to flare their beards in their own reflection.

Females have very short fins and he, usually, will be far more peaceful than the male bettas and some can even be a happy community fish.

Adult female Betta fish are easily distinguished by their shorter fins. All women have a place of eggs, small white spots, which lie on their stomach between ventrals and anal fins. Sometimes, a teenage boy has this place also, but will carry into adulthood. Women have a similar membrane beard man ‘, but not visible when closed gill membranes. Today, female Betta fish are bred for longer fins and more color variations, making it more difficult sexing.

Bettas are best raised early in life, between one year and a half years. Women should be small enough to allow a man to wrap himself around her body. After a lay eggs, the male Betta take full responsibility for them, collecting the baby in their mouths and deposit them in a bubble nest. After the bubble nest egg, the female should be removed from the tank, as males can be recognized as a predator of eggs and attacked him.