Information about Betta Fish Natural Habitat

Betta fish natural habitat can be found in the country that has tropical climate where the betta fish live well. Betta fish lives in the warm water and this kind of fish is able to live in the small area but in the small area it is not able to thrive. In the small area, this kind of fish can only live but not thrive. Now, betta fish can be the most popular fish in the world because of the beautiful color all over the body. It is very interesting to take care of betta fish nowadays because of the popularity and the beauty of the fish.

The Origin of Betta Fish Natural Habitat

Betta fish comes from the country in South East Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia as the betta fish natural habitat. Betta fish found at the first time in the river basins of Chao Phraya and Mekong rivers. Betta fish found in the rice paddies and can live in the small area in their habitat. Betta fish can only live in the small area but can’t thrive. This aggressive and beautiful fish can live in the warm temperature. In the country that betta fish found, the temperature condition when the winter comes is about 50 degrees of Fahrenheit, so, the betta fish is still able to live well in that temperature.

How about Home for Betta Fish Natural Habitat?

Betta fish can live in the betta fish natural habitat, that contain a warm temperature and many things that contain in the aquarium. Crowntail betta for sale. Betta fish needs slow moving water in the territory. The territory of this beautiful colorful fish is about three feet square that thick of vegetation in the aquarium and also betta fish can live in the shallow territory.